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The Art of the Brand

Psychology of Design—Keeping Things Simple

Digital domination

The Internet continues to change our daily lives in ways that mold, shape, and one might even say dominate our routines. Whether it’s social media, where we can tweet, post, and pin our every thought and action to the masses, or whether it’s surfing the web to consume every last morsel of Googled information our brains can possibly handle, we are moving more and more towards complete and total Internet saturation throughout every waking hour. If you’re not on your smartphone or tablet, chances are you’re sipping a latte while cruising your laptop of desktop computer. It’s all Internet, all the time. In fact, according to Ofcom’s Media Use and Attitudes 2015 report, the average person now spends about 20.5 hours a week on the Internet— that’s nearly 3 hours a day of Internet immersion!

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Your Brand— The Most Important "Design" You Create

Your designs speak for themselves… don’t they?

All graphic designers know that the quality of our deliverable is priority number one. It’s what drives us to create and express our artistic inclinations, and make a profit doing so. It’s a great gig. Whether it’s a website, where white space and typography create the perfect balance of symmetry and aesthetics, or whether it’s a detailed illustration, where every stroke is masterfully swiped across the digital canvas, a graphic designer knows that the quality of his or her work plays a significant role in laying the groundwork for a strong portfolio and future growth.

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How a brand can help you work smarter and not harder

Here’s three quick tips that will help you build your brand smarter

The word brand gets thrown around a lot, but what does it really mean? Many people think it’s the name recognition of a business, or the look of a logo and color scheme. Though these things are certainly true, a brand is really much more than that, and I’m going to explain why.

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Building Your Brand Smarter

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